Another interesting factoid I found

The k98 in 8x57mm, is a very nice rifle. Before the flood, I owned one and it was remarkably accurate, and the only rifle where within 30 minutes of taking it out, I always filled my tag. I used to take it out early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Rifle was ugly as sin, but as sweet as they come to shoot, and it was no prom queen. Every kind of weather, it was in, and always functioned. I had a Lyman 57 receiver aperture mounted and removed the ladder sight. Nothing else was done. Ran it for almost 30 years. Flood salt water destroyed it.

The Alternate Reality

Collecting World War One rifles.

Those early rifles are long!

I have a few rifles – the long rifles, not carbines – are too long for the common rifle case sold currently. The 1892 Krag-Jorgensen rifle is 49 inches long. The 1891 Argentine Mauser rifle is 51 inches long (actually it’s probably in millimeters; I haven’t measured or figured it in millimeters yet). The 1911 Swiss straight pull in 7.5×55 mm is close to 52 inches.

It wasn’t until the Second World War military rifles shortened a bit to what most of think of as normal. In fact, the K-98 Mauser has the “K” prefix which means ‘Kurz’, ‘short’ in English. The original 98 Mauser rifle was just over 49 inches with a barrel nearly 30 inches long. The 98K – a later variation and common in WW2 – was shortened to about 43 inches over all and a 23…

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    • Thank you. Funny thing is, I started collecting firearms in 1975. Had over 14 long arms, and very nice custom rifles and shotguns, but the k98, I used to call it my “bread and butter” rifle. The whole family knew, that once I take the k98 out and walked off to hunt, they said they knew half hour later one round would be fired, and afterwards, they would see me dragging a field dressed deer. That was the only rifle with those bragging rights. Printed 0.5 MOA. I miss it.

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        • Would love to. The firearm collection started in 1975, was wrecked by the salt water of the flood (Super Storm Sandy 2012). Of the partial rebuild, a friend going through a divorce and needing money for a lawyer, sold me his 1982 Winchester USRA Model-70 (.30-06), that he harvested eleven bucks with. I was not very pleased with the stock, but the gun shop drooled when I went to do the paperwork. Instead of the pine tar finish of the k98, the M70, I did in dark Danish oil, and it looks completely different. For a Plain Jane, it now looks gorgeous. Haven’t had time last season to fill a tag.

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            • I agree 100%. New York State Governor, Comrade Cuomo, the Fuhrer, has all sorts of hunting and firearms restrictions. Hogs are no longer to be hunted, and crazy stuff.
              I have thought of out-of-state hunting in a few states, that are pro-hunting oriented, but again, time and money, are in question. If I ever hit the lottery, that’s a whole different story, but there too, playing the lottery since 1980, and have won a grand total of.., $72.00 (somebody, has to lose).

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