WARNING!!! Check that you are still legal!

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The Police have changed their interpretation of what makes an MSSA rifle legal.

Please check that you are still compliant.

The minimum length of the rifle will now be measured when CLOSED – with any muzzle device removed. NO LONGER considering the length of the rifle with the stock open – when ready to fire.

This despite the Police having given us the rules IN WRITING quite some time ago.

The minimum length is now 762 mm at ANY time. Any shorter than that and it is considered a pistol. Previously lawful shooters are now suddenly criminals subject to charge.

The Police have NOT publicized this change of interpretation.

In any way.

They tell us that they do not intend to.

It took the Kiwi Gun Blog a significant delay of many weeks, after making an Official Information Act request, to even have this decision confirmed.

We have since been…

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