Sociology of Guns Class Field Trip to ProShots Range

Gun Culture 2.0

In my opinion and that of my students, the highlight of my two previous Sociology of Guns courses has been our field trip to the gun range (in fall 2015 and fall 2016).

Because I wasn’t expecting to teach the guns seminar this spring, I initially didn’t make plans to have the field trip. I worried especially about visiting an outdoor range in January, since the field trip is designed to take place at the beginning of the semester.

But as I was putting together the syllabus over the winter break, I couldn’t escape the feeling that the class wouldn’t be the same without the field trip. So, I contacted the manager of a local indoor range and gun store, Richard Talbert, who has been a guest speaker in my guns seminar both previous semesters.

Richard agreed to host my class at ProShot Range and talk about guns, gun…

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