A Video Explaining Constitutional Carry

2017 effort to get Constitutional Carry in Texas, which should be the mission to cover all of America. The video is from Texas Firearms Freedom. It is a pity, that President Trump, is not bright enough to understand this. The vichy GOP are adamant to keep Trump from signing any executive order soundly restoring the Second Amendment. Without Constitutional Carry, Trump is just another Bozo in the Oval Office.

4 responses to “A Video Explaining Constitutional Carry

  1. One should recognize the Federal Government – under the Constitution, not the leftist influence – is not permitted to interfere with the rights given to the states. (Which excludes the Constitutionally mandated duties of ‘national’, meaning dealing with other nations, importance.)

    For the Federal Government to ‘order’ the states to abandon their legal and constitutional duties of legislation is NOT a good idea; certainly NOT a good precedent to set.

    Please do not mistake my comment as being opposed to unlimited firearms ownership, possession and carry; based upon one’s public reputation – that is, not convicted of violent crimes or adjudged a threat to self or others due to mental or emotional problems. And even that last can be quite deceptive. One does not want being a conservative, liberal, Christian, atheist or other (alone) declared as a disqualifying condition.


    • Second time you put up a similar comment. Maybe you are unaware that the Bill of Rights, will trump the states’ rights, as Negroes are free in all states, even when they leave their home state. Why? Because of the 13th amendment. You are also married to your wife, no matter what state you were married in. You have a right to legal counsel in all states, and think about that one, because the 6th amendment guarantees that right. So you want to say that the second highest law is not valid because states might have some crooked politicians wanting to disarm the populus? Am I reading you correctly? If that is the case, read the Bill of Rights. The second amendment of twenty-seven words, cannot be by law changed or negated by state laws. I post here and on my regular blog, brittius.wordpress.com and maybe you should take a look at numerous laws and decisions of the US Congress, made, concerning the Bill of Rights.


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