10 responses to “CBS Denver | Two Gun Bills Killed At State Capitol

  1. Have I read that right?
    A bill that would have allowed teachers and staff at some public schools in Colorado to carry handguns to work. was killed off?
    So who’s going to protect the students when the time comes? Signs says “no guns allowed”.

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    • You read accurately. Unbelievable and Colorado, has gone so leftist liberal, that it was once hard working stock, but the past four decades have gone yuppy. No more old CJ Jeeps, now, BMWs. No more self sufficient people. I served with someone who was from Colorado. His family, was the Best. Mother made everything in the kitchen by hand, and was a wizard with a sewing machine. I helped cut firewood, and assisted with hunting chores, of field dressing and butchering. His father near 70, hand a handshake rough as my hands and strong powerful grip of a utility lineman. Pity that stock is no more. An absolute shame.

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    • Yes. The hunting is also good, meaning, Early morning standing for deer or elk, mid morning you can hunt birds or small game, afternoon and to sunset, you can again look for deer or elk. Their belief is, “The Lord, will provide”, and the freezer always has some game meat inside. On bow hunts, they taught me about gathering while things were slow. Fruit, vegetables, berries, herbs. Then at times, you see a glimpse. While you have a plum in your hand. And there you see a doe, and easy does it. Two more doe and a yearling fawn. Steady. Wait. Wait. Then out steps a buck with a real nice rack. All of this, while you are looking like the farmer at the plum tree, and the deer felt that you are okay and they come out. The Good Lord, providing. I am a firm believer.