The Facts And Fiction Of Gunfights

Ayoob, is one of the best trainers. But here is where he is lengths ahead of everyone, the Post Shooting Testimony in court. When you pull the trigger, then the real headaches begin. Litigations.

The Armed Christian

First, for those who have learned about guns and gunfights from TV and the movies a couple of things right off the bat:

People hit by bullets from firearms, especially handguns, will not be knocked off their feet and fly across the room, though walls or even windows.

Just because someone is shot in the hand, arm, shoulder or even heart does not mean that they will stop doing whatever they are trying to do (good or bad). They might, but the only way to ensure that they stop is to stop the nerve impulses from getting to the parts of the body (central nervous system) or to drop the blood pressure low enough that they pass out (major blood bearing organs such as the heart, arteries, lungs, etc.)

Gunshots to the extremities may or may not make you stop what you are doing but can still be fatal. Clip…

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