Hawaii Did Not Issue Any Gun-Carry Permits to Private Citizens in 2016

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H/T The Washington Free Beacon.

This should not shock anyone as the state of Hawaii is controlled by DemocRats.

The state of Hawaii did not issue any gun-carry permits to private citizens in 2016, documents released to the Washington Free Beacon on Tuesday show.

Documentssubmittedbycounty police to the state’s Department of the Attorney General show that every application by a private citizen for a concealed-carry permit was denied in 2016. That makes Hawaii the only state in the country not to issue even a single concealed-carry permit last year.

“All other states have issued permits,” said Dr. John Lott Jr. of the Crime Prevention Research Center, which tracks the number of gun-carry permits across the country. “The next lowest state is New Jersey with about 1,200 permits, but half of those are issued to judges and retired police officers. Even D.C. last year had 74 permits for civilians…

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