BearingArms | Concealed Carry Reciprocity Is Great, But Let’s Talk Constitutional Carry

The article from Bearing Arms blog, is from this past November, and remains relevant.

The push should be for Constitutional Carry. I had started a White House petition however, it has been pulled from the index of petitions, therefore, I highly doubt if President Trump, will be upholding his oath to the Constitution. Below is the White House link to the petition [1].

Ironically, the atheistic Marxist government stooges continue to negate God’s right to Man, with blessing, to defend himself, his family, his property, to hunt food, to defend third parties, as we are indeed, our brother’s keeper. People with mental instability are always going to cause harm, whether with firearm, a claw hammer, or book of matches. The problem is not the gun, but as usual, government wants to rule, as in lord it over, the lives of people by deciding who will have a privilege and not a right.

The NYC Sullivan Act of 1911 named after Tim Sullivan [2], a corrupt politician. He armed the gangs. If people did not pay for a gun permit (Paying for your Rights), he sent his gang members to the person’s home, and the person plus his family, risked being assaulted, murdered, raped, kidnapped, and their home burned down. The “tradition” of corruption, is alive and well, thriving in America, when it should be, dead and buried. What other Rights in the Constitution will be next bastardized and regulated? Sixth, the right to legal counsel? Fourth, search and seizure? Thirteenth, negroes are citizens? What?

As Americans, we need to pay more attention to what our laws are intended to actually do, namely, serving a benefit to our country and, our citizens [3].





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