Still More on Gun Ownership Statistics – Examining Illinois FOID Card Applications

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In my ongoing series of posts about gun ownership statistics, I have looked at majors surveys like Gallup and the General Social Survey, and considered a study of the validity of such surveys. Here I want to take up a suggestion by a commenter on my original post.

@BostonTea84 wrote:

There are at least six states that require a government-issued permission slip to lawfully own firearms, including Illinois. The number of active Illinois FOID cards continues to grow, not shrink.

So, I did a little quick and dirty examination of Firearm Owners’ Identification (FOID) card data, some of which is available on the Illinois government website (2002-2011) and some I got from the TTAG blog (2012-2013).

Looking at the trend in FOID card applications, we see year-over-year increases in 8 of 11 years from 2002-2013. Applications decreased in 2005 and 2006, and then against in 2010, but immediately rebounded…

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