A Revolver Primer

Revolver; Pistol; Revolver; Pistol. It’s like asking me what I like better, carrots or sweet peas. I like them both.
Proficiency, is the key.

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S&W Performance Center Model 629S&W Performance Center Model 629

NOTE: Sorry I wasn’t able to post this on Tuesday. I’ve been dealing with the flu, and am now the hands-down favorite for the bathroom sprint in the next Olympics.

One primary question, of course, particularly for new shooters, is: revolver of semiautomatic? For those of us who have carried handguns daily, with and without a badge since young adulthood, the revolver vs. semiautomatic argument has gone through many phases as technology, firearms law and societal norms have changed. At one time, the idea that revolvers were in a different–and superior–reliability class than semiautomatic pistols was pretty much taken for granted. That’s no longer true.

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