New California Gun Control Law Thwarted By Clever Inventors, $10 Part

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By Bob Owens
Bearing Arms
January 28, 2017

A California man has invented a simple part he hopes to sell for $10 that thwarts draconian (and blatantly unconstitutional) new “assault weapons” law.

New gun laws in California have gun enthusiasts and companies looking for ways to make guns, like an AR-15, compliant with the law while still retaining a relatively quick and simple way to remove a magazine.

Under the new law there is a new definition of “assault weapon”, which means any semi-automatic center fire rifle, such as an AR-15, is considered an assault rifle if it does not have a fixed magazine but has features like a flash suppresser and pistol grip.

John Bastiani, with Bastiani Arms said there are products in the market right now that can modify an AR so it is compliant, while still allowing it to be disassembled quickly to take out the magazine…

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