What Did You Prep This Week (Month)?

The Armed Christian

For those who believe, the most important preparation of all is our relationship with God. Mine has suffered significantly over the last few months. I have not made the time for prayer or for studying God’s word. It seems a lost suitcase turned out to be a real blessing (link). While not perfect, I have done much better spending time everyday in prayer and studying God’s word everyday. Regardless of how my other preps go this is what is most important and what I am most excited about.

Most of my preps over the last month or so have revolved around guns and hunting stuff. I bought two more .50 Caliber ammo cans for long term ammo storage. I filled, labeled and put them in my storage area.

As I thought she might, Wonderful Wife “surprised” me with a new rifle for Christmas; a Mossberg 464 SPX.

(Not my) Mossberg 464 SPX (Not my) Mossberg…

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