The Reloading Balancing Act

Sierra Bullets

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Philip Mahin

phil-cooking2A lot of calls that come into the 800 room are made by shooters that are of a retiring age. That isn’t meant to be an insult but just something I’ve picked up on. Most of the time the shooter used to reload back when they were kids and stopped in order to raise a family, pursue a career, or both. Maybe their father or grandfather taught them back in the day and they are looking for an answer to the new whatchamacallit they found on the internet. The point is they are coming back to it because it was fun.

As a father of three, a husband, a brother, a son and son-in-law, and a friend and neighbor, I get pulled in a lot of directions. In all honesty, reloading and shooting has become a stress relief for me even though…

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