2 responses to “White House Petition to Repeal the National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA)

  1. This particular law as unconstitutional as it was, was nothing more than a launching platform for all our future gun restrictions and suspensions. If we allow them to restrict, regulate and suspend our 2cd Constitutional protections, then what is stopping them from repeating this over and over until we are at their mercy.

    More importantly, and we need to start educating ourselves are, that those writing these gun legislation and passing them into law are themselves committing felonies against the American people, by simply committing dereliction of their oaths of offices. Every gun law they pass they are committing treason.

    I am really hopeful that the Supreme court under President Trump’s administration will be transformed into a more Constitutionally adherent interpreter of federal constitutional law…..

    We lose our 2cd amendment protections, they’ll throw the rest of the foundation we built our Constitution upon into the middle of the Atlantic and watch them sink like bricks. We lose even one, we’ve lost them all.

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    • I agree wholeheartedly with you. Of the numerous issues involved, remains the elite ruling monarchy class, desiring to disarm the population, and always bringing out the select few who are in opposition to gun restrictions and trying to pass the minority as a majority.
      Trump is gung-ho on permits, while I advocate Constitutional Carry. In fact, the WH petition that I have, was pulled from the index of petitions. This is how I know that it is a fixed fight. The younger people must wake up, because I am running out of steam and believe Trump will be very little better than Obama. I will not be voting anymore. I’m fed up.