7 responses to “Hammer operated zip gun

  1. I know I keep saying it but the thing that goes boom is the vital ingredient in any impro gun.
    Thus is don’t matter how well I can make things, no ammunition means all I’ve made is a paper weight.


      • Seriously?
        What about making a flintlock instead?
        I might get 3 rounds off in 5 minutes.

        Actually under 100 yards I’m better off with a souped up PCP airgun. At 50 yards your eyes are mine!

        So in urban scenario’s, watch out.
        That’s a scary thought isn’t it.
        You throwing your lead around all noisy like. Me quietly taking out your sight.

        Meanwhile a twenty two zip gun is fun and a 12 gauge ‘pipe’ effective on just about most things furry.

        BUT to rapid fire or for distance work takes a cartridged weapon.

        And I sorely miss that thump.


        • I had looked into the air guns but somehow lost interest. I don’t know why. I have, made my own black powder. Messy as all hell. Smokey. Stinks like rotten eggs. But it worked. Used it in a percussion rifle, and an Uberti replica of the Colt Walker pistol. In fact, there was a man at one of the rifle ranges that closed, he was trying to build a homemade crank gatling gun with black powder and percussion caps, and said his design hoped to have removable barrels so the whole thing could be reloaded by swapping out a pre-loaded barrel. Don’t know if he ever made one. I was too concerned about another guy who built an M203, and that, did work. I wanted to know if he could build one for me but the guy was super paranoid and literally ran off, getting into his car and leaving. I had his plate number but thought the guy would really freak out if I showed up at his home, so I simply forgot about it.

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          • With what I own, at 50 yards your eyes are mine that’s virtually guaranteed. . At 100 your face, probably your eyes, and your neck gets ventilated.

            Now imagine an urban setting. You against me. Y’all throwing lead with all the noise and flash that generates.
            Me laying back, no noise, no flash.
            Maybe not enough power to kill but you not being able to see ever again, or bleeding out from a precision neck strike.

            True that’s not range as I knew it but urban doesn’t need range, only precision and the correct use of cover.