Selling A Gun To A Friend in New Hampshire? You Could Be Sent to Jail

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This women looks like she drank a green persimmon and alum cocktail.

She has a sour look on her face like all liberal gun grabbing women.

Rep. Katherine Rogers Rep. Katherine Rogers

USA-( Anti gun extremist, Rep. Katherine Rogers, (D, Merrimack, 28) is pushing HB 201,  bill that will put you in jail for up to a year for selling a gun to a friend or neighbor.

That’s right, under the provisions of HB 201 you can’t even dispose of your private personal property without going to a licensed firearms dealer.

But it gets even worse, Rep. Rogers also wants local law enforcement to report violations to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. She wants to federalize local law enforcement.

HB 201 seeks to redefine a private transaction between 2 friends as a so called “commercial sale”. Don’t be confused by this rhetoric. Licensed dealers engage in “commercial sales.”

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