Concealed Carry Factors: Quantifying the Choice of a Concealed Carry Handgun

Gun Culture 2.0

I am working hard these days on a paper I will be presenting at a symposium on “The Symbolic and Material Construction of Guns” at Amherst College this March. The title of the paper is: “‘The First Rule of Gunfighting is Have a Gun‘: Technologies of Concealed Carry in Gun Culture 2.0.”

The first part of the title is a quote from gun writer Mark Moritz. I was toying with the idea of titling the paper “Carry Your Damn Gun,” quoting gun trainer Tom Givens of Rangemaster. But since Givens says he is just paraphrasing Moritz, I thought I would acknowledge him, too.


In the paper I approach Gun Culture 2.0 as a culture, thinking about it in a way that recalls the origins of the term “culture” itself, from the Medieval Latin culturare – to tend or to cultivate. Put briefly, “Culture, in this sense, amounts to…

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One response to “Concealed Carry Factors: Quantifying the Choice of a Concealed Carry Handgun

  1. I’ve used that site. I’m looking to replace my CCW with something a tad lighter, but I’m picky. Has to be (for me) a S/A D/A, at least a 9mm (a caliber I used to make fun of), and reliable. Need something I can carry in the hot Georgia Summers, and I have never been able to go IWB. I have had some success with a so-called “belly band,” but it takes an extra 1-2 seconds to deploy the firearm when carried in that fashion. It does conceal excellent, and it’s very comfortable. I usually carry in a OWB paddle holster, quick deployment…1.5 seconds or less from holster to on target, but I have to keep getting larger shirts to cover the weapon.

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