Private Sale Best Practices

I simply say up front that I am from New York, and will need them to ship to an FFL in New York. Then I ask for their fax number and other information, and give them the local gun shop’s information so whatever paperwork there is between FFL people, is their obligation.


Here is a quick guide to buying and selling guns safely on online message boards. This article assumes that you live in a free state where private firearms sales between residents of the same state are allowed.

  • Set up an inventory list on an encrypted spreadsheet and include the following fields.
    • Make
    • Model
    • Serial Number
    • Gun Type
    • Sold or Owned?
  • Dealing with Buyers
    • I personally prefer a state-specific board over Armslist, since it keeps the out-of-staters who don’t know the rules from wasting your time.
      • I know Virginians who post on Armslist and have their time wasted with contacts who forget/neglect to tell them they are Maryland residents.
    • Check their profile on the sale board
      • Virginia Gun Trader has a profile and feedback system and good moderators that keep foolishness at a minimum.
    • Don’t get upset when people try to haggle over private message (PM).
      • That is just part…

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