5 responses to “Homemade TEC-9 copy seized in Sydney, Australia

    • I started posting the items, as many are what I recovered off the streets years ago, and how improvisation along with ingenuity can develop from a simple prison shank into a fully operational gun. The majority of the more interesting items were recovered as gang wars and arrests revealed what was on the streets and few, had any idea. I also used to get the US Marshal Service Bulletins, and the BATF&E Bulletins, that I would post on billboards at work. Even recovered a piece of chain link fence post, wrapped in rags, that was a 12 gauge zip gun, and it worked. Cigarette lighters that were .22LR guns. Hair brushes that were pilum ballistic knives. So, I kept looking over the years. Then I found a fire extinguisher that was a flamethrower, and even found a video on making one. All improvised weaponry merits any motivated person who desires not to become victim, to be watchful.

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