The Anti-Safety Media Continues To Push This Lie About Silencers

Give Me Liberty

H/T Bearing Arms.

The whole gun control movement is based on lies and distortions so why wouldn’t they lie about sound suppressors.

Gun control supporters are upset that the Hearing Protection Act, one of those “common sense” gun laws they claim to support, has a decent chance of passing into law.

…with Republicans in charge of the House and Senate and the elder Trump moving into the White House, gun rights advocates are excited about its prospects this year.

They hope to position the bill the same way this time — not as a Second Amendment issue, but as a public-health effort to safeguard the eardrums of the nation’s 55 million gun owners. They even named it the Hearing Protection Act. It would end treating silencers as the same category as machine guns and grenades, thus eliminating a $200 tax and a nine-month approval process.

“It’s about safety,” Trump Jr…

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