FJ: SURPRISE: Colt Cobra Revolver Revival

I believe there is an error, as that is a clockwise cylinder rotation by reading the indents on the cylinder, which means that it will shoot like a Colt, and not like any other competitors’ revolver offerings.
Of the numerous questions I have, the front sight, I am not certain if the allen screw design would be desired only due to, reliability because of issues that could arise with possible loosening of the allen screws. Then, finish, being a stainless (heavier than blue steel), and a matte black would be desirable and regulation in many instances. The purchase price is hefty to want to take an aerosol spray paint can to it. A blue steel version would in my opinion, be nicer. Then barrel length offerings, where a three inch or at least a 2.5 inch barrel would be nicer with +P ammunition firing through it.
The bent trigger guard bow, probably is made to accommodate the weapon to standard D-frame holsters, but a more refined trigger guard should have been opted for by the designers at Colt. A concern is that of whether the Colt Custom Shop will offer action honing to make it buttery smooth, and bring the trigger weight down to between 4.5# to 5.0# DA pull for street carry, or if litigation and legal department will forbid that. Cylinder and forcing cone throating, plus a competition size cylinder hand for fabulous timing. Previous Colt revolvers were finicky and not as rugged as S&W.
As I know, many shooters opt for rubber grips, and they are nice, I prefer standard wood grips without the varnish slippery feel, so oil finish low luster, with a Tyler T-grip, would be for myself, a more prudent selection. No pilgrim lock on the revolver, makes the Colt 2017 Cobra, a professional’s weapon.


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