Three “Friends” Hit The Range

Midwestern Ramblings

Today provided the opportunity for three friends of mine to leave the safe and hit the range. My first friend has been with me since 2006, my Kimber Custom Target. The other two are fairly new to me, my XD Mod.2 Tactical and my “yet to be shot by me” FNP-45. While the main purpose of today’s trip was to see how the FNP-45 would perform on its initial voyage to the range, I had a lot of fun with the others as well.

First, the FNP-45. This pistol handles nicely and I will say the lightweight polymer frame does translate into a little more felt recoil than with my 1911s, although it’s not objectionable. I shot both factory Sellier & Bellot 230 gr FMJ and some of my own 200 gr SWC loads. The S&B loads had a lot more “punch”, which resulted in the FNP felling a little…

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