Morons Proves Alcohol and “Unloaded” Guns Are Deadly, Yet Again

Give Me Liberty

H/T Bearing Arms.

Assholes like Steven Leannais give all responsible gun owners a black eye.

I hope he gets locked up for a very long time.

An idiot in Cleveland left a gun out where his drunk friends could find it, failed to clear and secure it, and then managed to kill his friend when he pulled the trigger on the “unloaded” gun.

Steven Leannais, 30, made his first court appearance Monday following the shooting that killed Anthony Stanford II. Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Suzan Sweeney set his bond at $10,000. Leannais is charged with third-degree felony involuntary manslaughter.

Defense attorney Leif Christman said that his client is “extremely sorry for what happened and extends his condolences to Anthony’s mother, Mrs. (Trina) Ford.”

“If there was any to trade places, he’d gladly do it,” Christman said.

…Leannais hosted Stanford and two other friends for dinner and drinks when the shooting…

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