Everyday Carry (EDC) Bag Dump

A lot of stuff. I carry a pocket knife. I know how to make primitive fire. Figure that’s good enough for me. During the flood, I carried my Becker BK5, a multi-tool, and a claw hammer.

The Armed Christian

Since I was going through my everyday carry bag to do an inventory check I thought it might be a good idea to go ahead and do a post on what I pack around with me. Sit back and grab a beverage it’s time for an EDC dump!

First off, the bag…

My Current EDC Bag My Current EDC Bag

How do I schlep all this junk around with me every time I leave the house? Glad I asked. I am currently carrying the NC Star PVC First Responders Utility Backpack (Yes, the link it to Amazon but no I don’t get a cut should you decide to buy one). In actuality I have been carrying this bag for several years. Not this particular one, this is the second one I have had. I wore the other one out. It seems to be just about the perfect size and weight and carries all I carry on…

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