Check You Bags And Your Gear Regularly

Welcome To The Resistance!

Over the last few years I have developed a habit of replacing the batteries in equipment like smoke detectors, flashlights and optics every January. Fresh batteries every year is a small cost to ensure that equipment that I am literally betting my life on will work when I need them to.

I used to be pretty good about inspecting the contents of my get home bag and my EDC (every day carry) bag regularly as well. Since I started working from home I don’t go nearly as often or for as long. As a result I have gotten a little lazy about inspecting these of late.

Over the last few weeks this laziness has bitten me on my proverbial rear end on couple of occasions.

For example, I keep a few supplies for making simple repairs in my EDC bag. It’s not a full toolkit or anything just a multi-tool, a…

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