XD-9 Mod.2 Tactical:  The Humble Marksman?

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Today’s market is flooded with striker-fired polymer pistols. In fact, I just read a review of a new offering by CZ where the author claimed it to be a “problem solver” for the handgun market. That comment left me perplexed, as I wondered “what problem is this new pistol solving?” Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing CZ products or predicting they aren’t going to bring a wonderful pistol to the shooting public. However, when thinking about what is unique about it, I’m left blank. When Springfield announced their Mod.2 revision of the XD platform earlier this year, I had a similar reaction: ”Yawn… an XD with a recontoured slide and grip with some no-snag sights.” That is, until I starting thinking further.

Years ago, I purchased a gently-used stainless XD-40 service model at a pawn shop. I was looking for something in .40 as an alternative to a…

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