2 responses to “TFB | What Would a Long Range Sharpshooter Infantry Paradigm Look Like? Part 1: The Weapons

  1. Sort of makes you wonder how us old guys managed.

    Browning Pistol in 9mm,
    Sterling Sub-machine gun (SMG) in 9mm,
    Plus the occasional 12g shotgun “traded” from our US friends.

    FN SLR in 7.62mm,
    Enfield sniper in 7.62mm

    Squad weapons
    Bren LMG in 7.62 mm
    General purpose machine gun GPMG in (funny enough) 7.62mm,

    Wow, only two calibres (3 if you include the odd 12 gauge).
    The 7.62 x 51 NATO still being the definitive “he’s down” round.

    Did any of them cost thousands of pounds? I don’t think so.
    Did they all work? Yep.
    Did they have their faults and ‘funnies’? Yep
    Excessively so? No!!!!!!!!

    So what maggot decided to change things for plastic garden guns and is now embarrassingly scrabbling round for high-tech in 7.62 or larger costing thousands of pounds?


    • Personally, I never liked the M16, which we called the “Mattel” (Mattel Toy Company), and rumor has it that Mattel, really did make the plastic stock. The M14, in my opinion was the “cat’s meow”. The M60 that I lugged, was really what it was called, a “pig”, and it was more of a joke that I, then at 147 pounds, carried the biggest and heaviest weapon in the company, plus ammunition, and looked after a helper, who everyone joked about African safari. From experience, the 1911 at close range, is nice, though what was carried as I found out recently, the last 1911s purchased for US military was in 1945. The pistol was horrid at 15-feet and beyond.
      The M1A Springfield that I owned prior to the flood, a civilian model, was nice, but the receiver is cast. Fuller Armory, offers a forged receiver at twice the cost, and someday.., I would like to look into a purchase. Problem is that the New York State Fuhrer, Governor Cuomo, the worthless cocksucker, made the SAFE Act 2012, and any thought of a new purchase would need to be NYS compliant, thus lacking a few things.

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