4 responses to “TheTelegraph | Hand guns should be legalised and licensed, Nigel Farage has said

  1. Another good reason for voting him in as the new life long president of the Untied Kingdom doing away with the current system of temps..

    Only read the bleeding hearts responses.
    More concerned that criminals can continue to carry than the law abiding people being able to defend themselves.

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    • Should Britain reject him, please have him move here, as we could always use a Good Man. Actually, Farage is the embodiment of our Founding Fathers. May, needs to think, because Nigel will steamroll her if push comes to shove.

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      • With regret, he’s mine (but you can have him if SWMBO and me can come too)!!!!!

        No, seriously, May is bullet proof.
        The ‘establishment’ will see to that.
        We will get led to slaughter soon enough and the UK government machine (in whatever flavour is in charge at the time) will have it’s stamp all over it.

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        • Of course you and SWM(ALWAYS!!!)BO, can come over. The whole key is finding an area where taxes are low, and quality of life is within reason. Houseboat barges are also around here and there, but you need to find them. But, if on the south shore, a dingy will be useful to sail the waters and explore the canals in summer. The older seafaring generation has been almost completely replaced by BMWs speeding on roads and music blaring, while years ago, it was old saloons softly driven (on the right side of the road!!), and people had fishing rods and bait. Locally, the young people consider me something along the lines of the late Robert Shaw’s character in the movie Jaws. {Damn. I always thought I was somewhat suave and debonaire like James Bond.}