What’s In Your Bug-Out-Bag?

Sierra Bullets

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Philip Mahin

img_7027It was asked of me what I kept in my ‘Grab Bag’ but there are different thoughts on what is appropriate, so we can discuss a few in this post. There are a lot of different books on this subject and even more on the proper technique to pack a backpack so I highly recommend exploring those for a new perspective. The purpose of a ‘Bug-Out-Bag’ (BOB) or ‘Grab-N-Go’ can be specific to the user but the results should always be the same. It should give the user the ability to survive for a length of time away and it should be handy to carry so an ideal bag is a backpack. There are three things that you cannot go without and they are water, food, and shelter. Depending on how long you are remaining away will determine how big a bag…

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