A Former Clinton Insider Is Talking: Democratic Operatives Will Commit Election Fraud On A National Scale With Whatever Means Possible

John A Pappas

People are finally coming out of the wood work to talk about what they know about the presidential election fraud that is about to happen. It feels like We The People are mice in a laboratory with the big experiment that is about to happen on us mice. It seems to me though that this is not an experiment and that the Democrats are getting good at stealing elections because they have been doing it for years and they have their little game all figured out now and all they do is implement it and the presidential race is theirs. How else can a boring wicked witch like Hillary Clinton still be in the ballgame?

The following was published by Tea party news: “Infowars) – Democratic operatives will commit election fraud on a national scale using every available means, says former Clinton insider Larry Nichols.”

“They always set up people…

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