Hillary Clinton Claims She Supports Children And Families: If That’s The Case She Would Not Have Such A High Protectiveness For Abortion.

John A Pappas

Hillary Clinton during the course of her presidential campaign has been running clips of her love of children and families. That’s kind of odd considering I wonder what her definition is of love of children. I assume that because of her so called love for children it would mean that she would love that same baby that the mother is still carrying during pregnancy as she would when the mother delivers that child to the physical family environment. The thing is you cant have it both ways, Hillary cannot say she is for children and family if she is willing to have that baby murdered while in the mothers womb. If you love a child it doesn’t matter if the child is still being carried in the mothers womb or after the mother delivers that child to the world, there should not be a difference of love for that child…

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