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The very same Cut-N-Run politicians want a war with Russia.
Think about it.


The Republican establishment continues to illustrate their cowardice and their willingness to destroy their party’s brand. One by one they’re lining up to distance themselves from Trump, to the joy of the Clinton camp and the corrupt main stream media. Are Trump’s comments about women shameful and disturbing? Of course they are but we already knew what he was capable of saying when he knew the microphones were on. The country is now focused on exactly what the left wants and the Republican Party is compliant. The release of harmful revelations should have been expected and if my hunch is correct, they have more in the waiting.

Lost in all of this are released transcripts of Hillary’s speeches to Wall Street where she shares her support for open borders. Most Americans are against this position and that’s why Hillary refused to release them. These are the issues Republicans should be…

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