Sometimes The United States Needs To Join The Enemy To Defeat A Bigger Enemy

Saudis do not want that gasline from Iran running through Syria. It would knock out a sizable portion of petroleum profits of Saudi Arabia. Saudis have pumped untold number of dollars and perhaps other perks, to US politicians. The Russian Federation forming a new alliance with Turkey, now has people scrambling as that could yield additional energy assets to the RF, increasing marketability to the EU. The US has begun increasing LPG/LNG sales to the EU, but are a day late and a dollar short, plus the prices cannot compete with the RF unless, there are subsidies from the US taxpayers.

John A Pappas

Hillary Clinton , the Democrats and the media have been mocking Donald Trump of late for wanting to establish some friendship of sorts with the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Hillary is trying to make it seem like Trump doesn’t know who the enemy is; I guess she forgot while she was secretary of State she allowed the Russians to take over most of our uranium reserves. I believe most of the American people understand that Trump’s motives in building some kind of understanding with Putin is too not have some kind of misunderstanding of severe consequences that could trigger an all out war. This is not something that has not happened before in Russian-American relations to defeat the enemy. Russia and the United States can do the same thing together today in defeating ISIS.

The following was published by The History Place, “The Defeat of Hitler.” “For Hitler, declaring war…

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