Hillary Clinton Has Put Her Party In Panic Mode: So Much So A Former DNC Chair Is Calling For A Contingency Plan If Need Be To Replace Her

Train Wreck Alert?

John A Pappas

It doesn’t matter what frequency of lies come out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth her supporters would stick by her tooth and nail, it being lies on Benghazi, it being lies on her private server, it being lies on her emails and don’t forget she has yet to tell the American people why she needed a private server in the first place as though We The People don’t have the brains to have figured out why she did so but its the lies about her health that finally has moved the mountain of believers to an explosion of many non-believers. This women is disintegrating before our very eyes health wise and this last episode of her fainting and the Secret Service having to throw her in her van like a bowl of jello and the nation having to wait for hours to get some kind of a coherent statement from her…

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