What Hiring Flexibilities Work? Who knows….


The Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently released the results of their study of OPM and agency use of the many hiring authorities available to agencies. The report, titled OPM Needs to Improve Management and Oversight of Hiring Authorities, includes interesting findings and some very useful recommendations. GAO found that 20 of 105 hiring authorities accounted for 91% of new hires. By far the most interesting and disturbing finding is this – “While OPM—the agency responsible for overseeing the delegated hiring authority and managing federal civilian personnel data—tracks data on agency time-to-hire, manager and applicant survey results, and compliance audits to assess the hiring process, this information is not used by OPM or agencies to analyze the effectiveness of hiring authorities.”

The hiring process is the focus of many (or most) complaints about federal human resources programs. As I have said before, people do not care about anything HR has…

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