NYC: J’Ouvert, West Indian Parade Violence leaves 2 Dead, 5 Wounded.

Violence and shootings are too frequent at that parade the past few years. The Seven-Seven, has their hands full, to begin with, as it is the city’s largest precinct.

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It’s that time of the year again when nearly a million revelers from across the globe converge upon Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, New York for the annual Labor Day parade, correction West Indian Day Parade and J’Ouvert Festival.

Recognized for its costumes, colors, food, revelry and display of Caribbean flags everywhere, West Indian Day Parade and J’Ouvert Festival is known for the  bloodshed, violence and death that occurs, this year’s festivities being no different.

J’Ouvert “unofficially” begins around midnight even though many of the began weeks to days earlier and yes, it is an all-night celebration of dancers, people dressed up in costumes, some in masks and steel bands on trucks.

Combine that with alcohol, summer weather conditions, drugs, the ingestion of other toxic chemicals non-stop for the next 24 hours, sometimes longer and you have spontaneous combustion — VIOLENCE.

Hours before the sun would rise on this year’s J’Ouvert revelries, two…

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