ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Hillary: “I can’t recall……., I can’t recall due to my concussion”.

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Since federal grand juries have the power to subpoena people and force them to take the witness stand, defendants in such proceedings generally refuse to answer any questions, citing their Fifth Amendment rights. However, if the defendant does choose to answer any question (agrees to take the stand) during the proceeding, the protection of the Fifth Amendment is lost.  (from

This is why Hillary answered the FBI with “I can’t recall” (due to my concussion) so often, when she agreed to be interviewed. Even though not under oath, it is illegal to lie to the FBI (per James Comey).  It is the typical response to answering questions that may/will incriminate ones self.  Seasoned, high profile criminals know this…..and/or advised by their lawyers to answer with “I can’t recall” vs. simply lying; which Hillary often does anyway (lie).

When it comes to Hillary Clinton there is no end to her…

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