Who’s That Racist Frog Guy? Is This Alt-Right Thing Just Another Teenaged Fad? Or Is It a Right-Wing Superbug?



– 31 August 2016 –

C. F. van Niekerk:

150708-van-Niekirk(Everyone else is writing neat articles about this new thang the kids call the “Alt-Right”. So here goes!)

Is this “Alternative Right” a fad, dependent on the current spirit of the times?

How long before the shock value of internet Nazi memes wears off, the medium grows tired and stale, and the drooling public returns to numbness?

The Alt-Right could only arise in our current time and place. It needed white males who were tired of being kicked down and shunned, and restrained or drugged to oblivion. It needed Commie, Open Society assholes like Barrack Obama to rule for eight loooooong, bleak, miserable years, cramming their egalitarian lunacy down our gullets. (Man, I hate that guy!) In effect, it needed the near total victory of the Leftist agenda over our society.

With these heady ingredients, the Alt-Right quietly brewed in dark recesses of…

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