Hillary in a pickle?

Hillary = Princess Pickle Puss.

Hoboduke Nonsense

Television entertainer Jimmy Kimmel subjected Hillary Clinton to a test.  Unlike the labors of Hercules, the opening of a pickle jar is classified as entertainment by Kimmel.  Popeye would open a can of spinach to gain strength.  Hillary was just proving she could still “get her done!”

Pickles are often associated with food cravings of pregnant women.  Is Hillary hiding her condition in a family way?  Those bulky jackets and coats in the heat of summer can conceal a baby bulge.  Unless she is just concealing her beer belly?  Kimmel is not the sharpest tool in the shed, so I doubt he discovered the national secret of the year!

Most of the people Hillary recently has met are her servants, staff, and donors who bring a lot of cash.  Would you pay a lot of cash to spend time with the pickle queen of television?  Did Jimmy keep the pickle jar, or did…

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