Crime Awareness: Ultra-Violent Gangs Thrive in Chaotic Venezuela

Arming up is okay but, that is the very situation where “undocumented” guns are beneficial.

The Tactical Hermit


Ultra-violent gangs thrive in chaotic Venezuela despite crackdown

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If you are a smart level-headed prepper and Civilian Operator then you have been studying what has been happening in Venezuela since the country started falling apart under a Socialist regime some time ago. From the Food Shortages to the Gun Confiscations, this is “prepper prophecy” unfolding right before our eyes. Most folks way smarter than me in areas of study such as Political Science and Sociology have said that Venezuela is a case study for what will eventually happen here in the United States in the next decade once Socialism and Sharia Law takes a firm hold.

As a Prepper, one of the most critical elements to understand as we look at this “glimpse into our future” is how CRIME is going to spread like wildfire and WELL ARMED GANGS

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