2 responses to “Department of “Justice” has used YOUR Tax Money to Develop this Video on how Law Enforcement Should Interact with Cross Dressers…

  1. Actually, the USDOJ does in fact need to develop a format to properly address the transgender issue as when I was a cop, they were simply, transvestite fags. The USDOJ is motivated to avoid any conduct in the 21st century that would cause police service to unfairly target or omit, proper police service to the transgender community.
    When I was a rookie in the academy, we were warned never to address anyone as “Boy”, and by today’s standards, it would be a very serious offense. I watched many cops, call black males, “Boy”, and it always wound them up, which was what the cop was trying to do, an escalation, rather than defusing and deescalating a situation.
    Do I agree that transvestites should have special consideration? No. But this 21st century is overburdened with political correctness.