Obama Reneged on Promised Charity Donation to Family of American ISIS Victim

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Young Kayla Mueller, a humanitarian aid worker was kidnapped in 2013 after accompanying a friend hired by Doctors without Borders to install communications equipment for a hospital in Aleppo, Syria.

Around the first week of February, 2015, Kayla’s parents received news of their daughter’s death and later upon their request confirmation of Kayla’s death courtesy of the Islamic State, i.e., three photographs of Kayla’s corpse.

In spite of her pleas and that of her family, Doctors without Borders and other organizations informed the family that the responsibility to secure Kayla’s freedom was that of the United States government.

Even more chilling is the statement and lack of remorse by the leadership of Doctors without Borders who blame the 24-year-old for being taken hostage, a fate that ended with her death. – see video below.

It should be noted that Doctors without Borders put others at risk by intentionally dispatching…

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