Ineffectiveness Veiled by Intricate Wording

Daniel Baumgold

*Note: This is a paper I wrote a while back.

Daniel Baumgold

Illegal gun purchases are the cause of America’s problems surrounding violence. At least, that is the message that is given off by President Obama’s speech detailing his new executive order surrounding current gun laws. In an attempt to unify both, politicians and their constituents, President Obama continuously uses specific terms to invoke an impassioned response. In doing this, he is trying to have the average citizen look past the reality of his inaction and rather, have them focus on the innocent who are passing away from tragic circumstances. During the course of this essay I will show that the speech detailing the President’s new executive order lacks any real substance and instead, is meant to make the President appear as if he has been an effective leader.

barack-obama-shutdown-speech Credits: Electronic Urban Report

While speaking to individuals that…

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