Refugee resettlement becomes major issue in Election 2016; death blow to Hillary?

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Putting a proposal for the resettlement of hundreds of thousands of third worlders, including large numbers who come from countries that hate us, squarely in front of the voters in the weeks before the November election could make or break a 2016 presidential candidate.

Obama’s September UN gambit comes as a huge political risk for the Hillary camp and her friends at the Refugee Council USA*** because by placing the hot topic so clearly before the public it could be like waving a red cape before a bull.  Hillary has already said she wants 65,000 Syrians admittedin one year and the public is overwhelmingly against ‘welcoming’ any more!

Early pollingalready indicates that the vast majority of Americans do not want more Syrian refugees brought to their towns. Will the Obama UN propaganda stunt serve to wake up even more Americans to the nature of this program? We…

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