Crystal Cruises Plans to restore SS United States sink under ‘insurmountable’ challenges

I am heartbroken. With numerous disbursements for all sorts of wasteful causes, I am wondering if the US Government would fund the rehabilitation of the vessel for possibly maritime training or museum value. If not, a magnificent ocean liner will be slated to be repurposed as razor blades. This news is devastating.

Maritime Cyprus

Plans to restore the historic ocean liner SS United States have sunk under the weight of “insurmountable” challenges, luxury cruise line Crystal Cruises said, six months after announcing it would take over the ship’s renovations.

The iconic 1950s vessel, which was bigger than the Titanic and once carried celebrities across the Atlantic Ocean, was set for a $700 million overhaul by the Los Angeles-based luxury line, which also has offices in Miami. But Crystal said Friday that while the ship is structurally sound, the technical and commercial challenges with restoring the rusting, docked ship to the high seas were too titanic to undertake.

The SS United States was decommissioned in 1969 and has been gutted and docked in Philadelphia for two decades on the Delaware River. On its maiden voyage in 1952, the ship traversed the Atlantic in three days, 10 hours and 42 minutes — a record it…

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