The DOJ Turned Down A FBI Request To Investigate The Clinton Foundation: That Was Then And Now Is Now

John A Pappas

Things are revolving very fast with all the Clinton Crap. So fast that investigations that the DOJ thought were not justified to proceed when first suggested by the FBI could be justified now. It’s beyond my intelligence of the monies going into the Clinton Foundation at such a rapid pace and your talking in the millions of dollars from countries especially from the Middle East that the DOJ would not want to make sure that there was no favors granted for cash from a possibly future Hillary Clinton administration. My friends, nobody gives millions of dollars without wanting something in return. So at that time of the request for the DOJ to investigate the Clinton Foundation Attorney General Loretta Lynch felt it was unjustified to do so but that does not mean justification to investigate cannot change.

The following was published by The Week: “On Tuesday, the conservative group Judicial…

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