Comment worth noting: Ann is a right-wing nut job!

LOL! At least he didn’t call you a pistol packing Redneck.
(Is the racoon cooked yet?)

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Editor:  Occasionally we post comments as posts so that you will be sure to see them.  This is a comment from Jon Lolliger in response to myrecent post about Twin Falls, Idaho.

Right wing nut job Stickers available at EBAY:

We will find you…..

Ann, it’s clear you’re a right-wing nut job, with racist, bigoted views about people who aren’t like you; i.e., from a different county [does he mean country?—ed], ethnic group, and religious beliefs. You’re a coward with paranoid delusions, spreading fear and hatred, and you hide behind your alleged blog because you’re afraid of criticism from people who don’t share your warped worldview. No matter, I can find out exactly where you live, and then you shouldn’t be surprised when people show up at your home in large numbers and take you to task for your un-Christian attitudes and views.

Thank you Mr. Lolliger for affirming that we are…

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