Who cloned the Three Stooges?

Just Cruisin 2


Since I did yesterdays post, while carefully considering
what has been happening, the only obvious answer left is
that somebody cloned the Three Stooges and that is also
part of the problem. If you’re wondering what that has to
do with our current politically correct society,
I will explain.

I now am convinced that whoever did said cloning has a
devious mind. Just think, they clone thousands of copies
and place them where the most harm can be done to our
country. Thank God they didn’t clone Moe; just Larry,
Curly, and Shemp.

One set had to be programed for politics. That’s obvious.
With catch phrases like “we have to pass the bill to see
what’s in it” and “we need stricter gun control laws” this
should be obvious.

Another set was thrust upon the unsuspecting public for
the purpose of actually believing the bull the politicians
were shipping. You…

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