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26 July, 2016

Ivory Camp: Morning is cold, 2 degrees C. No wind. Night fire embers are low but warm. American cients arrived last afternoon. Hopeful for 2 jumbo, 2 buff, 1 croc, 2 hippo. A problem lion killed an ele calf and several domestic cows over the last week, a license for this cat just came available. We’ll see who picks that up in lieu of the ignorant USFW regs… Rifles sighted in, check. Good nights rest, check. Breakfast, ditto. Loaded up 7 AM and now they are hunting.

IMG_1240 Alex wiping each item in refer

Staff life at a hunting camp is rarely observed with purpose. Clients are off hunting, ditto their PH and assorted crew. Camp manager and staff go about their daily repetitive routine. Dining room/client refrigerator is replenished with water, beers, soft drinks, wine. It is a process, as unique as the teaching of how it is…

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