It Isn’t Just Shooting


If it were, we’d train like those old range photos, standing straight up, shooting with the gun hand extended toward the target, weak hand on your hip, no speed reloads, a brass bucket at our feet.  But surviving AND WINNING a gunfight is more that just target practice, and more than just pulling the trigger.

The Importance of Weapons Manipulation

By Travis Pike

Weapon’s manipulation is one of the most critical skills one can have if they are serious about self-defense, survival and prepping. Weapon’s manipulation encompasses every single aspect of your weapon. In the military there are plenty of Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and Sailors who are focused on support position, for them skill with a weapon is a secondary, or even tertiary concern.  If you hold a combat arms MOS, like infantry, combat engineers, artillery scout, and the various Special operations guys then the importance of learning your weapon…

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